Where does the poetry come from?

My poetry comes through quickly, briefly edited and flows freely. It has been described as RAW, HONEST, SINCERE. It comes through so fast that if I don't sit and write it immediately, it is gone. Is it a gift? Is it worth sharing? I don't know, but I do know that it is now a part of me and I will put it out there.
Sarah Sherman (C)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Now available! Poems from the Heart and Hearth by Sarah Sherman

Well here it is! You can now buy my book online or at the Woodstock Farm Market. The poems included are from personal experiences, my growth and moving forward. I hope you take time to have a look. Just head to our website  to learn more! Thanks and Happy Reading!
Sarah Sherman

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Book of Poems Coming Soon!

I am currently in the process of publishing a book of poems - Poems from the Heart and Hearth - by Sarah Sherman and I plan to publish a book of short stories later this year. Therefore for the moment I have unpublished all posts. Please do stay tuned for the book coming soon. Here is a sneak peek at the cover!
Book being released soon - please watch this page for more details!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A not so Happy Birthday... A poem for my Dad

This doesn't even come close to what I want to say about my Dad. The way that I want to remember him, his strength and courage. The last few years are not a reflection of who he was or what he could do. 

My Dad stood out in a crowd, he left an amazing legacy that I am so proud of him for and I can't even brag about, just one of those quiet things he did to help others. He wasn't perfect and isn't now, I never wanted him to be. I just wish he could understand how much I love him, how much his grand daughters care for him and adored him. 

I think he took just about every grand baby for their very first Dairy Queen ice cream cone. It was a milestone for them and you couldn't even get mad at him for doing it when they were so young because he was just so proud of how cute they were trying to eat that little cone. 

My Dad tried to get me to believe I was beautiful and smart, I never really did believe it but he sure did think so... I love you Dad... I wish you could do what other retired people do ... travel in a motor home and visit family but that wasn't in the cards for you... I just hope some of these words help convey how I feel for you. I have agonized over this poem and like I said, it doesn't even come close to how I feel about you. I can only say this THANK YOU for being the best Dad you could be!

An Ode To My Dad

Once I was a little girl
You were the only man
In my whole  world
I had to look way, way up
To see your face
You were my Dad
You filled all of my space
Like an oak it seemed
You would stand forever

I was your princess
You kept me safe
You gave me all I could
Ever want or possibly need
You bought me a pony
And my first motorbike
You took me camping, fishing
And so many things I like
You were my Dad,
The only man in my life

One day you gave me
A heart shaped locket
It was so beautiful , gold
Personal and made me know
I was  important to you
You said you wanted me to feel
Special, surrounded by boys
You were my Dad,
The only man in my life

I grew taller,
But you were always big in my eyes
A gentle giant,
With a smile and laugh
That when it broke across your face
Made me feel warm
And loved in your embrace
You used to sing
And play the guitar
Now when I hear the songs
I don’t feel you’re very far
You were my Dad,
The only man in my life.

I grew older
I thought I knew so much
You didn’t seem to age
I never thought you would
Grow old, get weak

You gave me away
Twice, as I married
You blessed my babies
You were always there for me
You were my Dad
You were the one,
I could always depend on

We have both grown older
Life has moved on
Now I have grown children
Of my own, They look up to you
And love you dear
We are so far, wish we were near
I have  a man in my life
That I cherish,
But you are still my Dad

You were like a tree
So big and strong
Sturdy and always there
You could do anything
Like a tree, your branches
Have grown weak
The sap is thinning
But you are still my Dad
So important in my life

I wish I could make
Your golden years happier
Less difficult, healthier
If I could care for you
As you cared for me
I could repay the love
I know this isn't
How you wanted it to be
I know you feel lost
Alone, in despair

You are still an important man
In my world, your daughters
Your sons, your grandchildren
Your wife, you are part of our life
We all love you deeply
Your leaves are drifting
From the tree, but memories
Will hold our love, the
Time we spent at your knee

Love always,
Your daughter, Toot

Sarah Sherman (C) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why do I sigh?

Why do I sigh? My children ask
As I sit back and start to relax
Why do you sigh Mom? Are you ok?
Oh yes, but what a day,  month, year...
I think when I sigh, my body says its ok

Don't worry my babies, this is just me
When you are young your future is a fantasy
I know now what is important and what is not
Yet I am sitting here and I remember a lot
When I sigh I am fine it is my bodies reflex

I sigh when tired
I sigh when sad
I sigh when angry
I sigh when glad
I sigh when bad

When I was young I watched a woman
She sighed in distress, lost and lonely
She had suffered a trauma
She was depressed it's true
But she never stopped sighing

Now its my turn to be the older woman
I sit and I yearn I hope that I have grown
I hope that I have learned
But it never stops this feeling in my chest
Whether I am busy or at rest, I sigh at my best

I sigh when tired
I sigh when sad
I sigh when angry
I sigh when glad
I sigh when bad

Even as I sit, my fingers on the keys
I reflect on my life and who I could be
I don't always look back with ease
There were moments I could have missed
And times of complete bliss, yet I sigh

I feel the rhythm and feel the breath
As it rises and moves up through my chest
Sometimes it shudders but most often not
It just flies out again through my mouth
As my breath gets heavy and sighs

I sigh when tired
I sigh when sad
I sigh when angry
I sigh when glad
I sigh when bad

I look at my little ones, forever my babies
The girls of my heart and wonder how life
Will treat them and if they will start
To sigh one day and realize they are me
It all comes around and repeats history

Now it is time to move on
Forget the sorrow that has gone
Remember the wonders that are now
And listen to my heart as my life wanders along
If I sigh again it is not loss or pain it is just me

Sarah Sherman

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Daughter

My baby girl - about 2 months old

Once she was tiny
A mere 7lbs in my hands
Then she grew stronger
My arms held her close

As a toddler she was brave
She could walk a long way
She loved her mama well
She was a survivor I could tell

She hugged me tight
She kissed me goodnight
She continued to grow
A young woman I began to know

She is taller than me now
She thinks she knows it all
But her mother she will come to
When her world begins to fall

There are days we cry together
Then we are birds of a feather
One day she may know
The joy of a mother’s heart

She will learn the sorrow
Of watching your child grow
She will leave me
She will go out on her own

She will always know
She can return home
Her mother adores her
She is in my heart

No matter where life takes us
We will never be apart
My baby is not 7
She is not even 11

But hopefully by the time
She reaches 27
She will be my friend
In my heart to the end

A mother loves her child
She learns to let go
But the worry, the love
Never from her mind go

Sarah Sherman

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The two loves of my life...

I am a 44 year old woman. I have been in love a total of two times in my life. Both loves have consumed me and I have given all I have to give each time. Life is never predictable, safe or easy, but we can't decide how it will be. We try, we do our best, what we think is right, however the world continues on around us. There are times in my life I would never want to relive and there are times that I would never give up. I thank the two men that I loved for the good times, for helping me grow and I also have moments that I wish had been different. No matter where I am, what I do, my history is my history, that much is true. I would not give up what I have lived or experienced even when there was pain. I have 2 wonderful birth children and now I have 4 wonderful step children, 3 amazing spouses to those step children and 2 of the most beautiful baby boys on this planet as my grand children. Life is life... We can live it or get lost in it. I have chosen to live it. Thank you to the two loves of my life for helping make me who I have become today. Here is a poem dedicated to my first and my second husbands. ..... Sincerely, Sarah Sherman


I tried to say goodbye to you today
But you never let me have
The last word in any conversation
You always were a square peg 
Struggling to fit into a round hole.

The room was full of friends and family
Your daughter sat there unsure of her role
Unlike other wakes the feelings were mixed
But all grief was real and none had time to heal.

Your eulogy was read by me I insisted
No other could explain the dichotomy of your life
I felt I could best since I had been your wife
I showed your sides both good and bad
And tried to reflect the whole life you had led.

Your parents sat there weak and broken
Your brother lost among the crowd
I left one daughter home and one to roam
To share the grief and remember the best
Now I truly hoped your soul could rest.

There was no way to explain the loss or the pain
I was unable to express how you lived with unrest
You always felt lost, you never felt loved
Nothing was enough, you couldn’t accept this was life
Existence serene? Not for you, your mother or your wife.

We let 46 white balloons loose that day
The had lives of their own as the winded and swayed
They reached to the sky some fast and some slow
One or two didn’t leave but had more to say
Before they puffed and rocked and went to the clouds.

The crowd was silent, there hardly a sound
As we stood, breath held and watched the mass swarm,
Of balloons climb to the sky and hoped you would go
With them to heaven even though I know
It is possible you didn’t go to the sky that day.

You have haunted me for more than half my life
You were disturbed and distressed, anxious and obsessed
You scared me, you hurt me, but you never left me
I pray because I have to believe that you have finally found peace
And now you can leave, the girls and I are alone, you have died.

I loved you once and loved you again
You were my mate, my lover, you were my friend
No matter how our lives did end
You will remain in my heart, my head to the end
When I look at our children you live on, you are not gone.

What I Know About Him….

I know that he is my friend,
I know that he cares for me completely
He loves me just the way I am.
He loves how I look, no matter what time of day,
He loves how I sing and just about everything.
He loves me and knows me well,
I know that he loves me in spite of it all.

I know that I love you,
I have never felt this way for another.
I know that this is true love, not infatuation.
I am not in love, with the idea of being in love,
I am in love with a man who helps make me complete.
The bible, calls this person your helpmeet,
I know that you are my soul mate.

I have many faults, many failures and many ghosts,
I know that you still love me the most.
I will have success, with you by my side,
I know that you will help me and come along for the ride!
I love that you get excited and passionate
He creates beauty and makes me feel that beauty too.
I never knew that I could feel so happy beside my love.

He is strong, brave, loving, caring, and fun.
He is scared, worried, aging and tries to retreat.
He thinks that I won’t want him if he is not complete.
I love him no matter what, although he pushes me away
I only want him to stay, by my side, through the night,
I must have him in my life.
He is the man that I want and I know he can be the man that I need.

My handsome, you are smart, funny, intelligent, witty, brilliant, creative and loved.
Let go of the past; don’t let past failures get you down,
We have enough to try to make us drown.
We need to be strong; care for each other, we need to get along
And to forsake all others. I don’t see a man, who is aging,
I see a man who loves, who makes me strong,
A man who helps me carry on. You are my strength, my love.

If I had to choose, for youth or you,
I would choose you as the man for me.
I know you must struggle, with your body falling apart,
You must struggle knowing you are brilliant with your art,
You must feel that this is a mistake, but baby,
Just imagine how much your heart would ache,
If you had to let go, be alone with out your soul mate.

Not everyone gets a second chance at love,
I am lucky to have found it so quickly,
I am no poet or artist or other,
I just know that you are who I want to spend my life with,
The man I want to make daily decisions with,
Share my thoughts with and end the day with.
You, I only love you, just the way you are.

This is written for you by your one love, me
You will be the man in my heart, my first REAL love.
I finally feel like a grown up and you make me happy.
Thank you for that and all your love.
Kisses and hugs, from my heart to yours.

I am not much of a poet, yet it feels a like a good way to express my thoughts. I wrote both of these poems about 5 years ago and they still hold true for me... I know the second poem starts as about "Him" and changes to "You"... please bear with my idiosyncrasies in my writing!

In joy, in sorrow, in good times, in bad times, I only want to be surrounded my my little family. My children and my husband .... You are all wonderful, I love you and would not change places with anyone but to be with you all!

Love Sarah